Throughout the entirety of the metal casting and metalworking industries, die casting is one of the most widely used metal forming processes. This is due in large part to its incredible versatility, as well as its reliability, accuracy, repeatability, and reasonable cost.



Manufacturing parts through the die casting process offers a number of benefits.
Production is fast, making it ideal for high and very high volume production runs. Close tolerances can be held, net shape or near-net shape parts are produced, and material properties are good.

Excellent dimensional accuracy

Smooth cast surfaces

Thinner walls can be cast as compared to sand and permanent mold casting

Fast production cycle times

Reduces or eliminates secondary machining operations

Rapid production rates

Casting of low fluidity metals

Long tool life, especially for zinc and magnesium

Transmission gearbox housing

Aluminum die casting parts for Automotive Industry.

LED Housing

Aluminum die casting parts for LED lamp production

Oil pans

OEM Aluminum die casting parts

Engine blocks

Customs die casting parts

Light box

Die casting parts for LED manufacturers

Our service centered
on quality, value and efficiency

In our die casting manufacturing your castings made
go through an extensive measurement procedure

We are strictly controling every minor detail, from the drawings to the mold making and confirmed samples, from mass production to the final delivery. Our prodution line include aluminium die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum gravity casting, CNC machines.

All our products are certified by ISO/TS. We are ready to be your trusted parter and supplier. We are always striving for continuous improvement in all areas of our company. We look forward to servicing your casting needs.